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I grew up in Colorado Springs in the 70's and 80's. Some of my favorite memories are from my youth including those from High Trails and Girl Scout Camp; horseback riding at Palmer Park; shagging balls for the USA vs USSR volleyball match during the 1984 Summer Olympic trials; and lettering in tennis at Doherty while still a freshman at Russell. I could go on about riding bikes to Quick Way to spend our allowance on orange Bubblicious gum; swimming at Vista Grande Pool; hanging out at the arcade at Chapel Hills Mall; and playing kick-the-can on summer nights in our neighborhood. And I never forgot the feel of the brisk air and the sound of the helium filling the balloons at Memorial Park for the start of the hot air balloon race. 

I lived in Fort Collins for almost 30 years before returning to COS in 2016 after marrying Darryl Glenn. Like many of you who "felt drawn" to Colorado Springs, I too, was led back here. I believe Colorado Springs has a divine assignment right now to become a beacon for people seeking freedom. Our nation's firewall broke in 2020 with Covid and now we are headed into some difficult terrain economically, politically, socially, and spiritually from here on out. The reason I'm running for city council is to contend with the global agenda locally by cutting financial ties between us and the government at every level. If we do not do this now, then soon a group of leaders at the global level will be telling us how we can live, work and play in our own town.


We're at a crossroads and everything from here on out is binary: God or government. Think of it as a forced separation of church and state. You will either vote for candidates that want the government to govern you harder, or those that want to break the chains between you and the government.

Here's the problem: If we scale back the government to core services like public safety, infrastructure/public works, and maybe one more responsibility that I can't think of right now, then the church needs to step up and provide an alternative to the government welfare/enslaving system for those who can't get traction to move forward.

I have a plan.

I am the author of "God Punched Back" and "God's Public Option" and the Founder of the American Christian Marketplace Authority (ACMA), the blueprint to do this.

Here's the backstory: In 2012, I was given a vision from the Lord to build something for Him in Fort Collins, Colorado and He told me at that time it would be recognized by the state of Colorado. In 2014 He downloaded the business plan for a for-profit staffing agency for employees coming out of incarceration. Those employees needed a little extra love, hope and motivation to be set free from government oversight that was crippling their ability to move forward. In 2016 Authority Staffing was miraculously recognized by the State of Colorado and named "1 of 21 Gospel Driven Businesses by Ministry Today." That vision was also featured in a national article titled, "Supernatural Business Plan Aims to Lift Felons Nationwide."

In 2018, under the Lord's direction and not knowing about the coming pandemic, I closed the business and began working on a divinely downloaded blueprint for a larger concept that would liberate an even greater number of people from the grip of the government, including professionals, small business owners and landlords. The pandemic hit in 2020 and never-before-oppressed Americans were now experiencing what it was like to have the government dictate and monitor every move they made and punish them for not complying with their authority - a lifestyle that those stuck in the justice system know very well.

In one fell swoop, government pandemic rules decimated the workforce, small businesses, and private property owners, creating an entire society that was completely dependent upon the government, rather than God, to financially survive.

The ACMA is a counter punch to the blow from the government and the mechanism through which the Lord will restore economic and other freedoms to His people. Think of it as a hybrid chamber of commerce, staffing agency and PEO that legally circumvents Colorado laws that hurt employers and employees, landlords and tenants, and others.

This liberation movement will be led by BIPOC (black, Indigenous and people of Christ) and those on probation and parole with a biblical work ethic and lifestyle and whose families have lived under government oppression for generations.

This is God's version of criminal justice reform and one way that He will fulfill His promise that the last will become first. (Matthew 20:16)

The United States military has given us the business model for this.

I do not know if my seat is on City Council, but I do know my role is to establish this.

Home Rule Authority & Overarching Fiscal


Colorado Springs is a Home Rule City. Home Rule Governance gives municipalities more control over local matters by allowing them to legislate items that create and maintain a desired culture and economy. Generally, local ordinances supersede state law unless the matter is statewide.

For example, if the globalists at the state legislature forced every city in Colorado to close coal power plants, but we wanted to continue operating Martin Drake to keep our heating bills low, we would have no choice but to comply. On the other hand, if there was no state mandate and we wanted to get rid of that eyesore and build something marvelous, we could vote to close our own coal plant. And so, we did.

Despite Home Rule Authority, we open the door to state and even federal control of our community by using their funds earmarked for specific purposes. Those funds may come with certain obligations that may conflict with our way of doing things.  

As your City Councilwoman, my commitment to you is to research funds from the state and federal governments that the city or utilities is considering. I will communicate contractual obligations regarding environmental or social dictates that come with it, and I will oppose those funds.   

My fiscal philosophy holds that local government generously fund core services including police, fire, and infrastructure, excluding SmartCOS Strategies. I do not believe it's in the government's purview to "predict" anything about me nor do I think that cameras throughout a city belong in the United States of America. Furthermore, I believe the government should not participate in public private partnerships or award grants to 501(c)(3) or 501(c)(6) nonprofit organizations.

As your City Councilwoman, my commitment to you is to eliminate future financial incentives and subsidies including special tax districts for corporations, developers, nonprofits etc. and instead, focus on fee-for-service relationships when necessary. Additionally, I will research how to stop funding the surveillance and tracking strategies that are already underway.
Local Sustainability
I believe we're heading into some extremely difficult years ahead and I want to put you in the best position to be self-sufficient. I want to get the government out of your way to make it easier for you to work for yourself, grow your own food, use your land and home as a source of income, establish micro-communities of like-minded people and more. I support decentralization of organizations and activities, so that you can call the shots for your family, rather than the government. 
As your City Councilwoman, I commit to listening to your ideas and researching what needs to be done to give you what you need. I commit to proposing new ordinances or unwinding current ones to make things happen. For example, do you want to take your trade on the road and have a mobile tattoo shop, barber shop, etc. I'll look into licensing and other regulations to determine if we have Home Rule Authority to proceed. If not, I will search for loopholes in the current laws to circumvent them.

Overarching Political Philosophy


I believe in a doctrine of free will. Establishing a community based on that principle requires minimal government intervention into your life and zero influence over the social issues you or you deem virtuous. I was a straight-ticket-voting Republican for decades, but in the midst of the 2016 circus, I unaffiliated from the party and starting writing-in South Park cartoon characters for President. I finally realized that the two-party political system is really just a one-party system that opposes free-will.


I believe in your freedom to make decisions that have both good and bad consequences. Weed? I don't smoke it, but you can. Guns? I just applied for my conceal carry permit but it's okay if you don't like them. Vaccine? Not for me, but you can hook yourself up to a vaccine IV if you'd like. Abortion? My Lord says "no", but your doctor may say "yes."  


As your City Councilwoman, my commitment to you is to examine every issue and determine the best way the government can support both you and your antithesis through impartial ordinances and courses of action.

Land Use, Private Property Rights & Affordable Housing 


Once upon a time I thought that Republicans stood for the rights of private property owners to use their land as they see fit, and that Democrats were bleeding hearts that fought to put rooves over the heads of poor people. Then I was hired as the V.P. of Government Affairs for the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors (PPAR) and learned that all that was a lie. The private-property-rights fight is not between the right and the left, but rather between the NIMBYs and everyone else.  

I understand how complex, contentious and emotional land use and private property issues are. My personal position on private property rights is closer to the code of the West than our current state and local land use codes and public input processes that must be considered when making decisions.


Pertaining to growth, I support organic growth of Colorado Springs and oppose contrived growth by way of public private partnerships and special tax districts that I believe have caused a lack of cohesiveness in the city.

As your City Councilwoman, I commit to opposing future incentives and subsidies including special/metro tax districts for builders and developers. I believe private entities need to make their business decisions based on having a saleable product and profitability without government assistance. I also commit to propose ordinances that optimize your freedom to use your property as you please, with some exceptions, of course.  

There is endless talk of affordable housing. I do not believe that it is the government's responsibility to make sure people can afford to buy a home or pay their rent. Having a heart for the poor, marginalized, and oppressed, I have conceptualized several non-government solutions to help people in this area. These solutions can be implemented immediately, with no legislation, and mutually benefit the property owner and resident.


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