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Jane Northrup Glenn

for City Council At Large 2023
Colorado Springs, Colorado




Candidates get a lot of surveys from media and special interest groups, and I have chosen not to complete most of them. I understand why special interest groups send out surveys and I’d question their commitment to their constituents if they did not.

I do not serve special interest groups. I do not want someone voting for me because I would support bike lanes downtown or oppose future annexations. I want someone voting for me because they know the world is different now and they trust me to help them navigate the challenging years ahead of us.

Rather than filling out surveys, I have spent a lot of time putting information on my website that will help voters know my heart, who I serve, and what motivates me. I guarantee that if you spend 30 minutes on my website you will know without a doubt whether you want me representing you or not. You will even be able to apply what you learn about me to accurately project my positions on other issues.

I am a freedom-fighting, problem solving, Christian Conservative committed to reigning in the power of the government so you can live, work, play and worship in Colorado Springs the way you choose.


Please feel free to reach out to me.



December 19, 2022

Jane Northrup Glenn Officially Announces Candidacy for Colorado Springs City Council At-Large for 2023

Entrepreneur and author, Jane Northrup Glenn, announces her candidacy for Colorado Springs City Council At-Large for 2023. Read more...

January 5, 2023

Would You Rather?

My generation played the "would you rather" game long before it was a board game that you could buy at Walmart. The questions often seemed ridiculous, but they were always though-provoking. The answers could lead to deep conversations filled with perspective, contemplation, and belly laughs if you had witty people playing along.


Let's play the game, now! Assuming our nation and society is on the verge of collapse, would you prefer to know what's coming in the years ahead and have a plan to navigate it, or would you rather live your best life and deal with (or ignore) the tragedies as they come?

The Lord told me to write four books for Him with messages for us. I've written two so far and the third will come out this year. The gist of these books is that God is giving us the choice to rely on Him to have our future needs met, or the government. If we trust God for our provision, we have to roll up our sleeves and establish a system through which He'll meet those needs because it won't be done through the government.

This 10-minute video lays the foundation for the messages, and you'll be able to see my heart and personality on full display.


Watch video...


January 7, 2023


One of My Zero Government Housing Solutions - A Co-signer Program

I would like to propose a co-signer program which is an easy way to move many people into homes immediately and with no government funding or incentives.

A co-signer program could be run by any non-profit, including churches, and can be done by individuals on their own, outside of any organized program. The co-signer program is designed to help a portion of low-income seniors and veterans on social security and a portion of those who can work and…wait for it…actually work. (That might be the definition for “workforce housing” even though “workforce housing” should mean Amazon and Integris providing housing for their employees with no government assistance.)

At any rate, there is a percentage of people who need housing that can afford the rent but can’t qualify for the lease. These people don’t mind paying over 30% of their income on housing because the alternative is moving from seedy motel to seedy motel spending more than 30% of their income anyway.

In theory, the nonprofit or church cosigns on the lease for their client or parishioner, making them financially liable if their client or parishioner defaults on the lease. The organization has a separate legal contract with the person laying out expectations and including the ability to forcibly remove them from the property if they breach the related covenant and don’t move out on their own. Obviously, there is more to this than what I stated, and I can go into greater detail at the appropriate time.

Co-signing is commonly done by parents for their children. I co-signed for one of my sons on his first apartment. Think of this program as several massive families in Colorado Springs taking care of one another with no government interference.

January 17, 2023


A Question by a Local LQBTQ+ Activist and My Answer

Q: If you were elected a City Council Member At-Large of Colorado Springs, what would you do to bring forth support to the LGBTQ+ community not only during tragedies like the one we faced on November 19 but every day?


A: First and foremost, I’m so sorry that your community had to endure such evil and I am grieved over the loss of your loved ones. Second, like you Mr. Shelton, I too am an activist. I am an activist for Yahweh, the God of the Holy Bible and His Son, Jesus Christ, my Savior.


Unlike you, however, I do not look to the government to heal me, define me or to use its buildings as a marquee. I do expect the government to protect me in the physical world, though, and I believe the public safety response to the tragedy your community faced on November 19th was excellent and should serve as the model moving forward.

That said, the government was never, is not now, nor should it ever be a Theocracy. No one should be subjected to the laws of a God or god that they do not serve. I am a staunch supporter of a separation of church and state; and by “church” I mean any monotheistic, polytheistic, atheistic, gnostic, metaphysical, or other religious dogma including my own Christianity; your LGBTQ+ group; climate change, and the like.

I believe the role of the government is to stay neutral on all doctrinal issues and focus solely on core functions like public safety, infrastructure, land use and making sure citizens have the freedom to live, work, play and worship in Colorado Springs according to their beliefs and without harassment. It is my opinion that, other than a word of acknowledgement, the government should not have a role of emotionally supporting groups that have suffered a tragedy as that is the job of individuals, family, friends, co-workers, local businesses that chose to participate in that way, etc.

If elected, I do not plan on attending any Pride events in that capacity or any other capacity. But I would, in that capacity and now, take a bullet for you or anyone in your community.          

January 21, 2023


My Thoughts on Ranked Choice Voting


As a candidate for Colorado Springs City Council At-Large I was asked by RCV Colorado about my thoughts on Ranked Choice Voting. Here is my response:

As an unaffiliated voter, I too am disgruntled that no matter which party we vote for, we get man-bear-pig. However, after watching the “how it works” video it is debatable whether or not RCV could make electing man-bear-pig more satisfying. Have you thought that the problem might be with the caliber of the candidates and not with the voting process itself? I am not happy with the status quo, I'm just not ready to pull the trigger on this yet.

(Note: man-bear-pig is a South Park cartoon reference and a play on the three candidates that are used in the explainer video.)

You can learn about RCV here and decide for yourself:

January 27, 2023


My Sixty35Media Survey Answers

Learn my thoughts on land use, water, public safety, affordable housing, homelessness and more.

Read Survey...

December 19, 2022

COS Mayoral Candidate's Wife Announces At-Large City Council Run

Colorado Springs Indy  - Read Article

December 26, 2022 
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January 10, 2023 
Riddle Me This, Riddle Me That, on Which Side of the Aisle is the Plutocrat?
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January 24, 2023 

The Amish Are Positioned to Endure What's Coming. Are American Christians?
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January 6, 2023


My Experience & Knowledge in the Housing Arena

I have extensive experience and knowledge in this arena in Northern Colorado and Colorado Springs. I was the V.P. of Government Affairs for the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors, and a contractor for a nationally ranked real estate brokerage hired to build value added programs for their clients. I have been a Realtor; a title insurance sales rep; and decades ago, a loan shipper for one of the largest mortgage lenders in the nation at that time.

I was a contractor for a large non-profit hired to look at their homeless programs and make recommendations to enhance those programs. I have taught job search and retention workshops to clients at homeless shelters and placed many in jobs with local small businesses. As a staffing agency business owner in Fort Collins, I have hired homeless people and taken them into my home; and as a non-business-owning resident of Colorado Springs I have also taken them into my home. I have personally moved people from homelessness to permanent housing with zero government help.

Lastly, I have been a homeowner; a rental property owner; a co-signer for my son on his rental; and a single-mom-renter needing help from my own parents to keep my bills paid.

The housing issue is complex with many categories of people needing help, but the foundation for solutions in every category simply requires a paradigm shift and a will to fix the problem. We need to use what already exists but in a different way and do our best to keep the government out of the way. The government is like the husband that sort of fixes the window in the car door but in the process causes the radio and vent blower to stop working.  

One of the things the Lord spoke to me is, “Man’s laws are irrelevant to Me.” That truth is amazing because it means that we do not need legislation to fix anything, we can circumvent every well-intended law that actually made it harder to house people, and we can do things immediately!

January 13, 2023


My Thoughts on Smart Cities

Have you noticed the cameras popping up like weeds in Colorado Springs? I know! I know! It's "for the benefit of public safety." Thank you, Jesus, that we are now as safe as the citizens of Singapore and China.

Since 2018, the City of Colorado Springs and Colorado Springs Utilities have joined together to develop a smart city vision, known as SmartCOS. The city wants to achieve our full potential "in the ability of 'things' to seamlessly communicate with each other and respond to real world events as they occur, making lives easier, safer and more convenient." You can read the SmartCOS Strategy here:


I was the V.P. of Government Affairs for the Pikes Peak Association of Realtors in 2019. During that time, I attended conferences twice in D.C. and once in Cincinnati. Because of this, I know more than most people that the Smart City vision is just one of many massive public-private partnerships led by global corporations to do the bidding of the governments. Er...scratch that...maybe it's the other way around. I can't tell anymore.

So, your choice is simple: do you want to live in an innovative city where you interact with artificial intelligence on a regular basis? Or not? Keep in mind that anything that can be used for the genuine good of the people can be used for nefarious purposes with the passing of a baton.

I personally do not want to live in a city where my movements are tracked, not even for the sake of increased safety or efficiency. So, I am here to tell you that if you support the SmartCOS Strategies, you do not want to vote for me for Colorado Springs City Council At-Large.

January 19, 2023


A Blog I Wrote Halloween 2021 - A National Divorce?

I admit it. I’m not the candidate for everyone. I’m not affiliated with a political party; I have equal disdain for both. I used to vote Republican, but I’ve been writing in cartoon characters for President since 2016.


The government and the Christian church are no longer telling the truth or defending our freedom. The government is setting itself up to be god and the organized church continues to send people in need to the state rather than taking care of them, themselves.

God either causes or allows things to happen and often we don’t know which it is. Either way, we are being divided in this nation deliberately, so we just need to roll with it. Here is a blog I wrote that was published on Halloween 2021.

I’m running for Colorado Springs City Council At-Large to lead the building of a wall of protection, so to speak, around this city. The Lord wants this city and we’ll soon find out why. 

Read A National Divorce? here...

January 21, 2023


My Thoughts on Gun Legislation

Here is the draft bill for the Colorado Mass Shooting Prevention Act 2023. I want to be very clear about my position on this:

I am vehemently opposed to any legislation, including "common sense" legislation that infringes upon our Constitutional right to own guns and defend ourselves. And at the rate of freefall our nation is in, I'm not even opposed to tank ownership.

Read Bill Here...

February 28, 2023


My Church Voter Guide Survey Answers

My responses addressed to the church. 

Teaser Q and A:

How can the City address the increase in the homeless/vagrant population in our city in ways that best serve all Colorado Springs residents?

Jesus intimately knows every homeless person. Sixteen months ago, the Lord told me to say something very specific to an older homeless man and his dog. When I spoke the words that made no sense to me, he cried. Today, this man has permanent housing and has been baptized. Throughout this journey, the Lord showed me the flaws in the government system and how to correct them using the church. I am prepared to show Christ followers how to help a portion of the homeless population immediately and with no help from the government. It requires a paradigm shift and a will to do the Father’s work.    

Ready Entire Survey...

Marcg 1, 2023


My Integrity Matters COS Survey Answers

Teaser Q and A: 

In 2021, the City Council passed an ordinance, Parkland Development Ordinance (PLDO) that allows developers to reduce the number of acres required to develop for parkland for neighborhood developments (7.5 to 5.5 acres) and pay in lieu of developing any parks for neighborhoods they develop.  Did you support this decision?

No. As I see it, the problem is not whether 7.5 or 5.5 acres is adequate parkland for a development, but rather the problem is the exchange of money between developers and the government. I’d prefer that we lower the requirement to 5.5 and remove the option to pay in lieu of. Public-private partnerships have gotten out of control, making it difficult to discern who the shot callers for the city really are.

Ready Entire Survey...

March 7, 2023


My Podcast/video Interview with Sixty35Media and the League of Women's Voters

Watch Video Here...

February 25, 2023


My Gazette Survey Answers

What are your top 3 priorities for this office?

  1. Strengthen Home Rule Authority by cutting off federal and state funds to the city government and eliminating public private partnerships. These subsidies come with social, environmental and health requirements that remove the free will of the city and the people to make decisions for themselves. PPPs have blurred the lines between the roles of organizations and the government.

  2. Decentralize the government by transferring control of the workforce, housing, and human services to the people. This includes unwinding regulation that prohibits people from having the freedom to creatively support themselves and creatively help each other.

  3. Reestablish respect for law enforcement officers and make our city safe.


What do you think the city's largest challenge is and how do you plan to address it?

Understanding how bad things are going to get and relaying that information to the citizens without causing them to lose hope. I plan to address this by speaking the truth from City Hall and bringing the community together to brainstorm ways to navigate the difficulties that are ahead of us. I believe that Colorado Springs has been divinely appointed as a beacon to guide people here as the country devolves.

What makes you the most qualified candidate for this position?

I have an ability to take in lots of information and understand how things are connected including between seemingly unrelated things. That innate wiring helps me to catch discrepancies and even offer solutions that others may not have seen. In addition to that I can see things from multiple perspectives and explain an issue in different ways to get the opposing stakeholders to the same destination.  Plus, I genuinely love all people.

March 2, 2023


My Approach to Increasing Public Safety

We must reestablish respect for police officers to successfully recruit. Colorado passed a law removing qualified immunity from police officers, effectively destroying the morale of every officer in the state. To send a message to the legislators, the City needs to add a budget line item covering personal liability insurance for every officer. We need a citywide campaign reminding people to cooperate with officers while they’re doing their job so we can better identify officers that need to be removed from duty for abusive tactics. We need to be creative about getting repeat offenders off the street by utilizing old laws still on the books and passing local laws to jail them. 

Most importantly, we need to trust that God is the only one that knows everything about everyone. Our response when something bad happens should be to turn to God, not the government, to understand why. The majority of the time, a change needs to take place in each of us, not the government, to save our lives and the lives of our children.

March 14, 2023


My Answer To what I Believe About J6


An operative for Sixty35media sent an email to candidates asking about our opinion on J6. Was it a protest or an insurrection and do we think the election was stolen? At the beginning of 2020, while I was sleeping, the Lord said, "It's too late to repent as a nation." When I told my brother this the next day, he said I couldn't go around saying that unless the Lord confirmed it through His Word. So, I asked the Lord to confirm it. The next night, while I was sleeping, I saw the word, "NAHUM" and heard the pronunciation of it. I did not know what/who Nahum was and when I looked it up, I learned that Nahum is a book in the OT and the name of a minor prophet who prophesied the eventual destruction of Nineveh after God spared the city through Jonah. That's the background to set up my answer below to the question:

I believe that J6 was a significant marker in American History because it was the beginning of the end of America. I believe the people went to D.C. to protest and they walked into the trap of a planned coup of the government by the enemy. Yes, I think the election was rigged. That's the only way to overthrow a popular president.

I am the author of two prophetic books and the Lord has been telling me things about our government for years: "I'm injecting the blood of my Son into the government," "I'm going to use their legislation against them," "The military will turn against us," I'm building a passage to freedom like the underground railroad," I'm birthing something that everyone is talking about and no one has seen," "Everyone that supports what I do will receive a double portion" and more.

At the end of 2019 when the virus was still in China, God told me to "pay attention to this virus, it's not like any other virus, it's apocalyptic." Based on the conversations I've had with the Lord, I believe that He gave us Trump ahead of this to hold back the levy of the global government while Christians established a "second governing system," which I describe as an Amish community on steroids. God would use that to give us protection against this authoritarian rule. Instead, many Christians thought Trump would save the nation when he was elected; so, nothing was done to effectively separate church from state.

While I believe that Christians need to run for office to stand in the gap between the government and the people, I also believe that unless Christians understand that we cannot take the government back, it will all be for naught. For example, the marching orders that God gave me include cutting off federal and state funding to the local municipalities because that money is strongly attached to the anti-Christian, U.N. 2030 Agenda goals. Christians also need to refuse the money. On the surface, that sounds ridiculous. How could small businesses have stayed open during Covid if there were no PPP loans?

The answer is that if Christians would have established a separate governing system under Trump, they could have. I wrote about this divine blueprint in "God's Public Option." It's basically a massive private membership chamber of commerce/staffing agency that sets up a separate marketplace for Christians. It's a simple, but brilliant, legal business concept that meets the needs of businesses, landlords, workers, and the least of these and circumvents the laws that hurt employers and employees, landlords and tenants.

Do you believe that the God you serve could have caused the voting machines to tally the truth even if they were programmed to lie? If so, then the most important question is why didn't God intervene?

Read Article Here...

March 19, 2023


My Political Affiliation


This local race is nonpartisan, but let's talk party. I received a call from an older gentleman the other day asking me what my political party was. I told him that I was not affiliated with either because I had equal disdain for both. We had a pleasant conversation and he told me that he could not vote for anyone that was not a Republican because it was his observation that politically independent people leaned left. Here is the gist of what I told him about me, and I think it's important that you know it, too:

I was a straight-ticket voting Republican from 1988 to 2016 when I had a literal "come to Jesus" moment and realized that the Republican party was as corrupt an inept as the other. That's when I unaffiliated from the party. In doing so, my ideology did not change, but I was set free from bondage to the party.

I believe that the Republican platform, in purity, aims to give people maximum freedom in their lives by minimizing the government in it. That's why I do not understand why Republicans never made criminal justice reform a cornerstone of it. After all, people who have been incarcerated or have family members who have been incarcerated are the largest voting block of people who cannot stand the government telling them what to do.

Voting for a Republican these days is a roll of the dice. They all say the same thing, but we get vastly different results depending on who wins. In the Colorado Springs local election for Mayor, other than the one Independent, Yemi, who is actually a progressive socialist (which makes the point the man who called me was asserting), the Republicans range from RINO to radical.

I am more "Republican" than most of the Republicans running in the local election and am closer to the radical side than the other. The government is not my friend, and it needs to back down. I have never voted for a Democrat in my entire life, nor would I. And if for some reason I did, I would drive myself to a mental institution and voluntarily admit myself.

If you spend time reading my FB posts back-to-back, you'll get a great sense of my personality and what I believe. Please don't vote for me if you are hoping that the government will solve your problems. I'm not your gal.

March 20, 2023


My Thoughts on Abortion


Because abortion is not a local issue, I did not offer a detailed position on it. So, I will clear that up in this statement. Abortion is not a “this-or-that” issue, although the “pro-life” “pro-abortion” sides would make it appear that way. I believe that abortion is a manifestation of a spirit world practice of child sacrifice, making abortion a Christ vs anti-Christ issue. That said, there should not be a single Christian voter that casts a vote for any candidate that supports making it easy or easier to terminate a pregnancy. The Colorado legislators that are proposing the new “health equity” laws have literally gone mad.

On the other hand, because abortion is a spiritual problem, legislation cannot solve this problem. Jesus gives us free will to make decisions that have natural and supernatural consequences, and I will never support sending a woman to jail for terminating a pregnancy.


If you have spent time on my website, my FB page or read my books, you know that I have an intimate relationship with my Savior and that I do not rely on legislation to do the work of the Lord. Instead, I roll up my sleeves to solve problems with solutions that demonstrate the love of God for His people and spread the Gospel. That way, decisions to do or not do something are motivated by a desire to please Jesus and not because it’s illegal.

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